ACA Certification Class will begin on Tuesday, July 18th 7:30PM ET

Business Chaplains Class will begin on Thursday, July 20th 7:30PM ET

Please contact [email protected] w for more information.

About LifeChangingU:

Life Changing University is dedicated to educating the finest Counselors, Coaches, and Chaplains. If you have the desire to take your skills to the next level and empower others to achieve their goals and dreams then Life Changing University is where you need to be.

You will become a part of a community that seeks to partner with you and give you the technology and education to live your life around your values, while you assist others in a journey of not the mere self-improvement but immense Self-discovery. Your time invested at Life Changing University will be just that, invested, in you, you’re career and the lives of your clients.

When you partner with us you will be exposed to methods that will allow you to gain access to your dreams, goals, and passion. That, in turn, will allow you to empower clients to build a vision that will propel them to new levels in both their professional and personal arenas of their lives. These are just a few things that will happen to you and you will be able to impart to your clients, coworkers, friends and family because we know the education you will be receiving is so powerful that you will make it an integral part of the philosophy of your own life.

We offer programs that are on the cutting edge. There are more individuals, companies and small businesses that need counselors, coaches, and chaplains more than ever.